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In Today’s Fast growing Technical world, the only thing which is constant is the “Change”. It’s mandatory for the students to keep track of the future skills and the Technology of the tomorrow. Earlier IT means Hardware or Software but today we have various branches and options to make a career in IT.

Having an understanding of various technologies of IT domain will help the student in selecting their career path. In order to educate the student with some of the Most in Demand Technology, Rooman in association with NASSCOM is going to offer DIGITAL 101 course for the student pursuing their Diploma, Degree, Engineering and PG programs. Digital 101 course briefs the basic concepts of 10 of the most in demand Technologies. Students can enroll for a minimum of 3 courses to get the details of the respective technology.

NASSCOM Foundation through their CSR Partner EIT Services India Private Limited(“EIT”) is going to sponsor the course fee for this training program and hence it comes completely Free.
The training under this programme is provided mostly to Economically and Socially underprivileged beneficiaries having their family income of less than 8 Lakh per Annum.

Modules covered

Features of Digital 101

Roadmap of Digital 101

 ‘Course Completion Certificate’ is issued by Nasscom and is also recognized by Futrureskills Prime  & AICTE.

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